How do I pay with Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a genuine revolution in payments. Essentially, Bitcoin is virtual money which you can buy with your bank (credit, debit) card.

To understand this new money, visit :

Once that’s clear, do the following :

 Install your Bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile phone
Go to the official Bitcoin page [link] to open your account. Add coins to your wallet on your computer or mobile phone. You’ll be using this wallet to add further coins and to make payments.




Choose your Bitcoin wallet

Your wallet is an app or program which allows you to hold virtual money. There’s a wide range of wallets available, in two principle forms : wallets on your device/pc; and wallets online.
We suggest you use an online wallet :Blockchain is the simplest to use and free.



Buy your Bitcoins

Next, you simply need to buy your Bitcoins with a credit or debit card from a Bitcoin market, to fund your wallet.


 Making your purchase with Bitcoin
Once you place an order on and choose Bitcoin as your method of payment, we’ll show you on the following page how to send the correct amount to our Bitcoin address.

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